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Bank of North Dakota History Farming in the early 1900's

During the early 1900s, North Dakota's economy was based on agriculture. Serious in-state problems prevented cohesive efforts in buying and selling crops and financing farm operations. Grain dealers outside the state suppressed grain prices; farm suppliers increased their prices; and interest rates on farm loans climbed.

By 1919, popular consensus wanted state ownership and control of marketing and credit agencies. Thus, the state legislature established Bank of North Dakota and the North Dakota Mill and Elevator Association.

Bank of North Dakota (BND) was charged with the mission of "promoting agriculture, commerce and industry" in North Dakota. It was never intended for BND to compete with or replace existing banks. Instead, Bank of North Dakota was created to partner with other financial institutions and assist them in meeting the needs of the citizens of North Dakota.

Missouri Valley Motor Building - 1920BND opened July 28, 1919, with $2 million of capital. Over the years, our fiscal responsibilities to the state have increased dramatically. Today, the Bank operates with more than $270 million in capital. The State of North Dakota began using bank profits in 1945 when money was first transferred into the General Fund. Since that time, capital transfers have become the norm to augment state revenues. 

Commercial, farm and secondary market real estate programs were established to benefit state residents and the local financial institutions who serve them. BND’s federal funds program provides an alternative funding source for banks to access additional capital for consumer loans.

In 1967, Bank of North Dakota made the first federally insured student loan in the nation. The Bank continues to provide a variety of loans for students and their families wanting to pursue post-secondary education.

BND Building 2008In partnership with more than 100 other North Dakota financial institutions, Bank of North Dakota continues to meet and expand its 90-plus year mission to promote the development of agriculture, commerce and industry in North Dakota.

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